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About Navasheva Shipping

Navasheva Containers group, since its incorporation in 1996, has been a key provider of marine containers across Asia and Europe.

With a fleet of over 30,000 containers, our 11 offices specialize in used and new container sales, containers supplies for SOC project shipments, static storage and for mobile warehousing.

We also provide flexible short term and long term leasing options for both duty paid (in India) and international containers. Navasheva builds containers monthly on standard and custom specifications to deliver to 4 our clients across the world.

Navasheva Containers group is also the parent company of iInterchange systems which is a software provider for the container shipping and logistics industry.


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Our Expertise

We have dedicated teams specializing in the below activities

Used Container Sales

We buy and sell over 15,000 containers annually. We give our regional customers the ability to procure containers from around the world through our network of global depots and diverse inventory.

New Container Sales

We supply custom-built and standard containers delivered straight from the factory to your location of choice. We also maintain stocks of one-trip containers across ports in Europe and Asia.

Domestic Leasing (India)

We operate one of India’s largest fleets of domesticated (customs duty paid) containers for use in coastal movement, road transport, rail transport, and static storage at factories, sites and CFSes.


We represent CS Leasing (based in Singapore) for its tanks and special container business in the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.

International Leasing

We are currently the largest leasing company based in the Indian Sub-Continent and the Middle-East. We customize leases to your requirements and give you the flexibility to choose from over 70 depots across Asia.

Software Solutions

iinterchange Systems is our software products and solutions company with a global customer base. Our team of IT and domain experts have been fulfilling the software needs of the container shipping and logistics industry for over 15 years.

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